About Jorgensen Golf

About Julius Jorgensen

Julius has been a PGA Professional since April 1st, 1985. He has worked at Jackson Park, a municipal course, Sand Pointe Golf and Country Club a private facility, North Shore a privately owned public, Riverbend Golf Complex a driving range and at Super Range as a co-owner of the proshop for that facility.  As a result of this varied background experience Julius realized that teaching the amateur golfer wasn't his only role as a golf professional.  He has established a business where he is able to assist the amateur golfer in all facets of golf.  When Jorgensen Golf  opened in Mukilteo in 1995, Julius believed in the need to "fit" the golfer with the proper equipment, then assisting them with a lesson plan, and when ready provide the amateur golfer with a tournament series to challenge all skill levels.  That first year only eight tournaments were offered, but as the years have gone by the Jorgensen Golf Club has grown into the Puget Sound's premier amateur club providing over 85 tournament events per year!

What is Jorgensen Golf?

Jorgensen Golf is a fully stocked pro-shop featuring both midline and proline golf equipment, used equipment, accessories and apparel.  All staff have been trained to assess each customer's needs and utilizing a Full-Swing Simulator allow customers to sample product to ascertain their fit.  All golf equipment is fit to the customer at no extra charge. Fit will include warming the customer up with a short iron and then measuring club head speed at impact with a driver, measuring hand size for proper grip, and measuring wrist reach to the floor for appropiate lie angle. Equipment is adjusted accordingly at no extra cost to the customer.