About Jorgensen Golf Club

What is the Jorgensen Golf Club?

As a recognized Washington State Golf Association member the Jorgensen Golf Club provides each member with a United States Golf Association (USGA) handicap,  which allows each player to post his/her score to establish a handicap index so that they may compete on a level playing field with other golfers of differing ability. Tournament play is a required criteria to qualify as a USGA Club. 

Jorgensen Golf Club has divisions for men, women, and juniors. Members can choose to participate or not in the tournament series.  Many beginner golfers utilize lessons from Julius after they are fit with equipment and then practice their new skills as recreational golfers. For those who enjoy competition, a weekly event is offered in which the flights are arranged according to the individual handicap index.

Jorgensen Golf club does provide a senior and super senior division monthly and a two man better ball event monthly. As amateurs winnings cannot be in the form of cash payouts each member has an account at Jorgensen Golf in their name and winnings are posted into those accounts for members to use on merchandise, lessons and club repair in the store.

The typical payout for each event is 40% of each flight for both the gross and net scores.  Each player is awarded on whichever side of the board (gross or net) will be the higher value. Optional side games are offered at each tournament, they include both gross and net for skins, better nine and two man best ball, honey pots (par three closest to the pin) for each flight. For more information see the tournament results page.